Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I never did really like this holiday as a kid / young adult. So much evil associated with it. It is way different with kids of your own though. I love seeing Keanan get dressed up and get all excited about it!

We have had a pretty chill morning, besides me going into Safeway to get my flu shot, yuck! Tonight we will make an appearance at "Trunk or Treat" put on by our church and then head into Grandma and Grandpa's house so Keanan and Lucy can enjoy their crazy sugar high together! I think I will limit him to 2 pieces of candy or something.

We had a fun visit with our friends, the Carpenter's, from college yesterday. Their little one, Alisha, was quite taken with Keanan (she is about 6 months old). He was very silly for her!

Be safe tonight!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well, my new diapers came today! I got them all pre-washed and Keanan wore one before bed. The design is pretty simple, which is what I expected considering the cheap price. I feel really old-fashioned using them because they are just a prefold (old school cloth diaper) that lays in a cover and snaps on the kid. Zac said they look like dust rags (his mom uses his old diapers for dust rags now). I will have to get used to the snaps, I love my velcro on the BG's! It held up fine tonight. We will see how I like them over the next few days. I'll only be using them around the house though. The BG's are way cuter and easier to use out and about.

Off to bed I go. I am tired after a busy day of cleaning. We have company coming for dinner tomorrow and I still need to mop sometime in the midst of going to Keanan's class and getting dinner made.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long appointment today

Today was the longest of my appointments with the midwife. I had to be in the office for at least an hour to do the test for gestational diabetes. I also was tested for anemia (which I have) and got my rhogam shot (my blood is RH negative). Baby girl's heartbeat was great and she is still measuring on the small side of the normal scale. And I have only gained 16 pounds! I am pretty sure I was more than that at this point with Keanan.

I chatted with the midwife about our little episode on Monday. She is running some tests, nothing serious. If those come back negative, she said it could just be the pregnancy hormones doing weird things to my body. Not uncommon. So we shall see.

Keanan was really good the entire time we were stuck there. Then we drove to Grandma's house and spent the day. Grandma even made fried chicken and rice a roni with gravy (my fav), yummy!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silly Kid

When Keanan went to bed for his nap he had his blanket and his puppy. I just went up there to tuck him in and this is what is on the bed now:That is two stuffed bears, a large stuffed frog, 4 books, and some random kitchen toys!

Monday, October 26, 2009

All is well

Everything is fine. I'm glad we went in and got checked out. My water had not broken, which is what we and my midwife were worried about. I have a normal appointment on Wednesday so I am sure we will talk about it. Yeah for good doctors and my mom who broke all speed limits to get here to watch Keanan!


Please pray for me and baby...I am heading into the hospital...leaking a lot of fluid.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here we are gutting Keanan's pumpkin:

And one for Uncle Mat:

The Pumpkin Express

Yesterday we went with Ann, Brian, Lucy, Grandma and Grandpa on the Pumpkin Express! It was so much fun! The kids loved the train and picking out pumpkins. They both kept their costumes on the whole time too, pretty amazing. Afterward, we went back to Brain and Ann's and carved the pumpkins. Keanan was a super good boy all day. There are more pics on the Picasa site as well. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Retail Therapy

Okay, I feel a little better now. I just bought 12 more diapers! These are not the same Bum Genius pocket diapers that I have 30 of, but a new line by the same company that just came out. They are called Econobum. Pretty much a one-size prefold with a one-size cover. Click HERE to see.

I am tired of pushing potty training with Keanan. He had it down pretty good a while ago, but we are not back there yet. So I am not going to hold my breath that he will be potty trained by the time this baby gets here. Therefore, I needed more diapers so I won't have to wash every day. These seemed like a good way to go. And being a cotton prefold, they will help Keanan feel when he is wet. His other diapers wick the moisture away so he can't feel it. Maybe that will help a bit in the potty training area.

Do over

This is a no good, very bad, horrible day!!

Zac woke me up a few times in the night. Keanan woke up an hour early. I had a cold shower and only got to wash my hair. The vacuum sucked up the rug and made a loud noise, so now Keanan is freaking out when it is on. Keanan was in his undies when I was trying to vacuum and peed SOMEWHERE on the carpet. He has not been listening well. I told Zac that I am on strike and not making dinner. In my stupidity, I put Keanan back in some undies after he peed in the potty. Two minutes later he peed on MY chair in the dinning room. While I was cleaning him up my soup boiled over and now my stove is gross. Baby girl is making it harder to breathe today. Keanan just dumped a bunch of raisins on the floor. It is only 12:30! I need to go back to bed and start over, but there are no sheets on my bed because I had to change them this morning. AHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harborview Visit

Zac had an appointment in the amputee clinic this morning at Harborview. It was pretty much uneventful, according to him. He walked around, they thought everything looked great, refilled his pain meds. and left. He is scheduled to go back in about 4 months. That is unless his stump stops shrinking sooner than that. In that case he will go back at that time to get the prescription for his more permanent, fancy leg. We will see how it goes.

In other news. I took Keanan to the doctor this morning for this ongoing cold that has been plaguing him. We were worried that it had moved into his lungs or was an ear infection. Turns out he has a sinus infection, poor kid. So he is on antibiotics for 10 days. Hopefully that will take care of it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A video for Uncle Mat


I just saw my ticker for today and I only have 100 days (give or take a few) until this baby is born! Crazy. Defiantly not ready for this yet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Research Study

Way before the accident Zac saw an interesting article on Slashdot (news for nerds) about a doctor that had done nerve work on an arm amputee and they guy could control a prosthetic hand with it. This doctor's name is Todd Kuiken. Turns out he is friends with Dr. Smith (Zac's surgeon) and so when Zac talked to Dr. Smith about this before his surgery he was totally on board. We had hopes that Zac could get in on some of this research when they start doing it for legs (controlling his knee and foot with the nerves that Dr. Smith embedded in his hamstring). Well Zac looked up Dr. Kuiken's info and emailed him on Thursday night. Below is the email that he got back the next morning.

Hi Zac,

Thank you so much for contacting us and for your interest in our research! We would love to have you participate sometime in the next year. We have just started a 5 year project to design an neural interface for powered leg prostheses. Your targeted reinnervation procedure has the potential to help control the powered ankle. We have one other patient who has had similar surgery. With our virtual leg system he was able to control his missing knee and his missing ankle in a computer generated leg model—it was quite exciting. We would like to have you visit us some time next year after we get the powered prostheses up and running. Then we would hope to have you come for a full week and we’d keep you quite busy with a whole series of experiments. We will pay all of your hotel and flight expenses and be able to give you a $200/day stipend for food and cabs.

As you recover, please try to move your missing ankle in all directions to strengthen the muscles when they reinnervate. Let me know when you feel like you get good muscle contractions when you try to move your ankle. Please feel free to ask any questions, of course, we will give you any information we can.

Best wishes,

Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD

So exciting! Zac is going to be in regular email contact with him to work out details and such. Please keep this in your prayers.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fluffy Mail!!!

Yeah! They are all washed and ready to go. Here are some of them:
And the rest up in the baby's room. Keanan doesn't get to wear these ones.

Oh UPS man......

where are you!? I am taking a break form cleaning for a minute. I have been looking out the window all morning waiting for the glorious brown truck to pull up with my large box of new diapers! As of 4am the tracking info says it is out for delivery. We are probably the last on his run though so I won't see them until like 5pm or something horrible like that. In my excitement I have already bagged up the old diapers to give to the Ireland's, so Keanan has about 4 to use until the new ones get here. I am so bad at waiting! I will take a picture of the wonderful new fluff once they get here =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A fun weekend was actually semi-relaxing. Zac even got to nap both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I went to Chris' Pampered Chef show and bought come cookie sheets. It was nice to be out of the house by myself. Saturday night the Ireland's and Roger's came over. After putting the kids to bed we visited and played a very funny game.

Sunday we went to church with my parents in Graham. Zac wore pants for the first time and you could hardly tell he had a fake leg. Afterward, we went back to their house for the Seahawks game and nachos. Keanan and Lucy had a ton of fun playing together. Good times.

Hi Elizabeth. =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Disclaimer ( this is Zac )

Honestly I'm really uncomfortable with the fund.

I was asked before it was created, and after much discussion, thought & prayer I consented. So why am I uncomfortable with it? Several things, first - there are many people that need financial assistance much more than I do. Second, the loss of my leg is a lifestyle change of which has many different faces - maybe I don't "need" a jeep, I can live without a chia cream latte.

Why did I consent to the creation of this fund? "There are people that love you to the moon and back" ( Becky said that ), this is a way in which some would like to express that love so I will not deny them that.


Leg Fund

Many people have wanted to help us out in the course of the last two months with all the accident craziness. Besides meals (provided by the MOM's Club), prayer (provided by everyone), some car work (provided by Casey), and Keanan watching (provided by my mom); there hasn't been anything else that we have needed. Well, some amazing folks in Mossyrock have decided otherwise.

Zac grew up in Mossyrock and it is a very, very small, close knit community. There has been an overwhelming desire to help him out in some way but since we live almost 2 hours from there this has been difficult. So Becky (pretty much Zac's second mom) took it upon herself to set up a trust fund for a new leg in Zac's name at our bank, Chase. Please only give if you feel called by God to do so. We are blessed and humbled by the outpouring of love we have received. God is so good! I don't know how all of it works, but below are the details:


It’s under: Zachais Vawter – Irrevocable Trust Agreement - # 2935949921

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So far so good.

So Keanan spent the last two nights without his plug, and he just went to bed without it again. Naps are a little harder for him to settle down, so he had it yesterday for his nap. He napped without it today at Grandma's house until he was coughing so bad that I went up and gave it to him.

Poor kid, his cold has turned into a cough, only when he is laying down. He had a rough night last night. I rubbed some baby Vicks on him tonight and the humidifier is going in his room, so hopefully tonight will be better.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great day for Keanan!!

So Keanan went to bed almost an hour and a half ago....WITHOUT HIS PLUG!!!!! He didn't ask for it or whine or cry or anything. We did his bath, pj's on, read a story, prayed, he asked about Grandpa, Nanna and Grandma (we said they were at their house going night-night), gave kisses, and then he waved night-night to us and we left! CRAZY! I watched him in the monitor and he just layed there and went to sleep without it! We'll see how long this lasts.

The only time he was in a diaper today was during nap and when we went to the store. And he only had one accident! He loves his big-boy undies =)

On a down side, he didn't eat his dinner - heh, you can't win 'em all. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!

Adventure's in diapering

So my diapers (we do cloth, BumGenius One-Size Diapers) have started to stink! Right after they get wet they REAK of ammonia. This is commonly caused by detergent buildup (i.e. using too much detergent and then not rinsing it out enough) which I thought I had figured out in my wash routine. Grrr.. now I need to figure out a new routine. I think our well water isn't helping things either. So today I am washing and stripping them (hot wash in Dawn dish soap and bleach with about 1 billion rinses) which is a pain, but necessary. That means Keanan is wearing his big boy undies until nap time, so far so dry!

I am just doing some thinking out loud..... the manufacturer recommends this washing routine:
1. Cold wash with 1/4 recommended amount of detergent (we use Tide Free and Clear)
2. Hot wash with 1/4 recommended amount of detergent
3. Extra rinse.

Here is what I am going to try:
1. Quick wash on cold, no detergent (this rinses out nasty stuff and gets everything good and wet for washing. Since I have an HE machine it makes everything heavier so more water will be used in the actual washes)
2. Cold wash with 1/4 recommended amount of detergent with an extra rinse.
3. Hot wash with 1/4 recommended amount of detergent with an extra rinse.
4. Quick wash with no detergent and an extra rinse.

I will also do the whole Dawn and bleach thing once a month (I was doing every other month). We'll see how this goes. Off to restart the washer, again...

ETA: Going to switch detergents as well to see if that helps (thanks for the suggestion Em). Evidently Tide is not the best for the dipes so I am going to try All Free and Clear (it's the only diaper approved detergent that Safeway carries). If that doesn't help, I'll order some of the recommended ones online.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update on us...

I haven't been so good about posting lately. It seems that the bigger my belly gets, the slower I am getting at EVERYTHING! Annoying. Things are going well here...

Keanan has transitioned to his big boy room like a pro. No issues with staying asleep at night or anything. He did fall out of the bed the first night, but there was a blanket on the floor so he just slept right through it. He is talking like crazy! So many new words all the time. Right now he is working on helicopter, sometimes we can actually understand it! He is also loving to dance and do the motions to the kid songs CD's that we have. He goes and stands by the speaker and says "mus" to get us to turn it on. That or he says "bus" over and over (wheels on the bus is his favorite song). Zac and I are getting the songs stuck in our heads.

Keanan and I went to "class" on Friday at the Hands On Children's Meuseum. He loves it there. He painted leaves and we pressed them on paper for the craft time - so cute! I really like the teacher, we are going to try to go as many Friday's as possible.

Zac hasn't been wearing his leg much. He had to get some adjustments done because it was hurting. He also needs more special socks to wear with it. I think he is nervous about hurting his stump. He started PT this week and has exercises to do everyday. Zac says yee-haw.

Still un-named baby girl is doing well and moving a lot. We have her named narrowed down to two choices, but nothing is really hitting us. We might have to wait till we meet her!

We went to the Wilcox Farm Harvest Fest today. It was pretty fun and we got free omelets! There were tours of the farm in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor so we got to see how they process the eggs. Keanan really liked the tractors.

That's all for now. We are off to Mossyrock tomorrow.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Keanan has been napping for 3 blessed hours! Thank you sweet Lord. Hopefully he will wake up in a better mood, it's been a crabby morning around here. We still have to clean the bathrooms and make dinner before Dad gets home...running out of time...