Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rain Coat Pics


After over a year, our office was cleaned today!! You can see the floor! It is amazing. I will post a pic tonight since I can now get to Zac's computer without tripping over things.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


According to Keanan, I own nothing in this house, everything is "Daddy's"! Zac thinks this is really funny. I told him he can clean "his" toilets!

It was raining this morning (yay!!) and Keanan wanted to go outside, so he wore his raincoat for the first time. I will post a pic later, super cute.

I am off to do some long over-due Pilates.

Friday, August 28, 2009

One Hour

That is how long my child decided to nap today. Usually it is 2 or 3 hours, a nice break for mom. When I heard him upstairs I went up to try to get him back to bed. He would lay there for a minute, then get up. Then lay down, then get up. Finally he got up and grabbed his undies that were on the floor and brought them to me, like he wanted them on (he was in a diaper for his nap). I gave up but wanted him to play up in his room for awhile. So he played by himself for an hour and I slept for about 30 minutes on his little bed! He even brought me his puppy when he saw I was trying to rest. He also opened up all the Disney VHS that we have upstairs and brought me any coupon or little ad paper that was in them. Quite a mess.

I was really nervous about Keanan being a terror for the rest of the evening. Then Zac was late getting home. Then Zac needed a nap. Things were not looking good. Keanan was pretty decent however. I, on the other hand, got nothing done today and am totally wiped out! Yea for the weekend.

Getting back to normal...

Not too much to report. Yesterday Keanan and I stayed home and played and vacuumed (which he thinks is playing). This morning we made it to toddler gym in town. This was the first normal kid thing we have done in a month! He had a blast. He loves to watch the bigger kids. I was asking him when we got home if he needed to go potty and he starts heading outside saying "daddy, daddy" and pointing to the bushes. I was confused at first but then realized he was telling me he wanted to go like daddy!! Now he is napping and I need to clean the bathrooms.

Zac has been having some "zingers" (his description) in his leg. Some brief intense nerve pain. He is going to try to work 6-8 hour days next week. He has also been shopping for an automatic Honda CRX to commute back and forth to work. This is the car he had when we got married, he loved it. He has some leads, so we will see. We just need to get something that he can drive before Labor Day when his parents get back from vacation and need their car back.

Here is a random Keanan pic, just for fun. Grandma was asking him "how big is Keanan?"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Shipman's

Our friends Joe, Emily, Ashley (2 1/2), and Jacob (2 months) spent the day with us up from Texas. It was so great to see them! Zac and I actually met through Emily while at Saint Martin's. Wow, that seems so long ago.

Keanan and Ashley had lots of fun playing together. Ashley would tell Keanan what to do, and he would try to wrestle =) Jacob was so cute and gave us lots of smiles.

Hopefully they will move up here soon so we can see them more often!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stump Shrinker

Whew!! What a busy day!

The appointment with Dr. Smith went great. All the stitches are out and one of the prosthetic guys (John, he's from South Africa and calls me madame) fitted Zac with a stump shrinker. It is basically an elastic sock that goes around the stump. Zac says it feels way better. Zac was also able to "fire" one of the two nerves that they implanted in his hamstring. This was very impressive. They were amazed at how well he is doing and that he is already back to work. He has another appointment in 3 weeks. For this one we have to bring in the leg plans from the prosthetist so that Dr. Smith can review and sign off on them. Then they will start working on the leg.

So striaght from Seattle we drove to Sound Prosthetics in Olympia to meet with Garth and his assistant, Random (that is honestly their names). Zac was happy with them, so that is who we are going to use. Garth is going to start on the leg plans for Dr. Smith. Turns out, the leg that Zac really wants will cost around $40,000 to $50,000 and last from 3-5 years. Insurance only covers $10,000 a year. This is a problem. I think he should get the best, it's his LEG! He is not so sure now. We will see what happens.

After Olympia we drove back to Graham (stopping for Zac to get a haircut) to pick up Keanan from my parent's house. He got to spend the day with Grandma and Lucy. He took a dive off the slide (crazy boy) and Grandma saved him by his sweat pants. He still got some grass stains and a little cut on his head.

After he woke up we drove back to Tumwater for Zac's company picnic. There were so many kids, Keanan had a great time. He especially liked the bubbles. He bit it again on the slide and had a bloody lip, but he didn't seem to mind. Then we drove back home (by we I mean me doing all this driving) and Keanan had a bath and went to bed.

Now Zac and I are hanging out and waiting for our friends Joe, Emily, and their kids to show up. They are up visiting family from Texas and are staying the night with us tonight so we can hang out tomorrow. Yea!

I will try to post some pics of the stump tomorrow. Good night!

Here we are again...

Sitting at Harborview waiting for the doctor. Zac is going to get the stitches out in a minute. I was looking over my posts and realizing not very many have pics, kind of boring. I will try to get better about that. Here is Zac wondering why I am taking his picture:

Monday, August 24, 2009


Keanan has been so funny today. We went to get his shaggy haircut this morning and go to the store. He was really good (the sucker from the stylist helped this). He has been a little monkey since we have been home! He has been climbing and standing on everything, and he usually doesn't mind when he falls. The most impressive has been the big rock that is out in his play area. He was out there with Zac, found a toe hold and hoisted himself right up! Here is an older pic of him with the rock, it is really big!

A gross part of the day is that we found a praying mantis on his play work bench. Yuck!!! Zac and Keanan thought it was very cool. Here is a pic (not that great, it was with my phone):

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We spent the evening with Greg, Chris and Esther at Cabelas, dinner, and a party barge ride around Lake Lawerence. Zac wanted to get a special chair a Cabelas so we all went along. Keanan and Esther loved looking at all the stuffed animals and the fish in the tanks.

After that we found a mexican resturant that, to our surprise, served kids for $.99 on Sundays! Keanan ate a lot of chips and made a nice mess of his dinner. Then we headed back to the Ireland's for a trip on the party barge. It was a fun evening; Keanan came home, took a bath and went to sleep really easy. Zac came upstairs to read him a book and help put him to bed (fist time since the accident). =)


Things are calmer here today. Zac kinda reached the end of his coping skills yesterday. He said he feels like a paperweight. We had a good talk this morning; and Keanan slept in till 8!

We are both looking forward to the doctor's appointment on Tuesday, break out of the status quo. I think he is just really ready to move on.

New Pictures

Well, they are not really new; but I just put some pictures of Keanan up on the Picasa (use the pictures link to the right). They are from our day on Alder Lake and some others I stole from Ann. Haven't really had time to take pictures lately, but I will try to be better.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It was a very bad day

Please pray for us.


So Keanan and I are sharing a cold, yuck! Hopefully Zac doesn't get it. I really want to go do some kind of family outing today; we will see if Zac is up for it. Right now Keanan and I are eating breakfast and he is still sleeping.

Last night (while watching the final Stargate episode) Zac got to feel the baby move. I am so not ready to take care of 2! Hopefully I will be in 4.5 months! I'm sure that Zac will be able to help more (and go up the stairs) by then. God's plan is perfect =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nap, or lack there of

I worked my butt off today and got the house cleaned. I was looking forward to a break during Keanan's nap; but after mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms and getting in the shower, I hear him coming down the stairs! He only slept for an hour! Usually it is 3!! Ughh! No quiet time for mom today.

MOM'S Club

If you are a stay at home mom you really should join your local MOM'S Club. It stands for Moms Offering Moms Support. These ladies have been wonderful in this time. They are bringing us three meals a week until October 2! Crazy! They are so sweet and encouraging.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Zac, happy birthday to you!!

28 years ago my crazy, awesome, amazing, wonderful, hot husband was born! Thank you for being alive (please stay that way for a bit)!

No news is good news

I was driving home this morning and realized I hadn't posted in a while.

Yesterday Keanan and I made the trek to Graham (in the Jeep!) to spend the day with Lucy and Grandma. They have so much fun playing there. Grandma has way more toys than we do! It was hot and the Jeep does not have air conditioning so Keanan and I stayed for dinner to let things cool off. Zac had a nice quiet afternoon at home watching Stargate season 10 and napping. His phantom pain was pretty intense last night, the morphine helped and he got the best night of sleep so far.

This morning Keanan and I headed off for Olympia for my appointment with my midwife. They are really kid friendly so Keanan did really well playing with all the toys and books that they have. Everything looks great! Heartbeat was 150 and the baby kicked the doppler a few times. Our ultrasound is scheduled for 3 weeks, September 10th, to find out if this baby is a boy or girl!

Keanan and I came home, had lunch, played for awhile, and now he is napping in his toddler bed again. I fell asleep up there with him for about 15 minutes, guess I need a nap.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Right now...

my little baby boy is sleeping in his toddler bed =( He is getting so big, so fast!

Monday, August 17, 2009

He's crazy

So after Keanan woke up from his nap he was a walking terror! The Ireland's came for dinner and he wouldn't eat a thing. He cried about everything and kept melting down. He really wore me out today. I was supposed to go to the store tonight, but I was so tired after I put him to bed there is no way that is happening. He was kind of on the crabby side all day, now that I think about it. Even when Lucy and Auntie Ann came to play! Maybe it is because he went to bed at 9:30 last night but still woke up at 6:30. Lord, let him sleep good and long tonight!

Zac did his first half day at work today. It went well and he is getting all caught up. The drive went fine too. He was really tired when he got home and took a nap. I need a nap!

Chris cleaned my kitchen, so I don't have to worry about that tonight. And Greg took the garbage out, all chores done - I think I am going to go to bed early.


Zac is at work, Keanan is sleeping, all my chores are done, and I'm bored! It is so nice! =)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


As I am typing this, my crazy husband is out driving his parents car (it's an automatic). Yes it is dark, and yes he doesn't have a right leg! This should be interesting. Zac wants to go to work tomorrow, but he doesn't want to have to do it around Keanan's nap times, which is what would happen if I have to drive him. He "forgot" to ask at his doctors appointment about driving, so technically they didn't say no. Oh man. Okay, he just walked in the door, so he is still alive =)

In other news, we made it to church again this Sunday. Keanan has started to throw a fit in the nursery when I leave, but I checked on him later and he was okay. When we got home Keanan and I took a nap and Zac watched a movie. Keanan slept for 3 hours (thank you Jesus!), it was awesome.

Zac spent some time out in the sun as well. He saw his reflection in the sliding glass door for the first time since the accident. He said this was depressing. The reality of it all is hitting him more and more. We had a good talk about it. Please keep praying. It is hard.

Our friends the Warner's brought dinner. Keanan had such a good time running around with the boys outside (they have 3). They brought Keanan a toddler bed too! It is so cute up in his big boy room. He climbed around on it and lied down for half a second.

The timing is perfect since I just found out this evening that our friends the Shipman's are going to be up visiting family in Oregon from Texas. They are going to come spend the night with us next week with their two little ones. I am so excited!! We only get to see them every one or two years.

Off to clean the kitchen. That and laundry are my never-ending jobs.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. " - Hebrews 11:1

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We had a semi-lazy morning today. Casey came over to work more on the car, a very long process. The Ireland's also stopped by for a little bit. After Keanan's nap he and I went into Lacey to get him some pj's that actually fit. That boy is growing like a weed! Zac got to have some alone time on the computer, not folding the laundry...

When we got home we had dinner and then Keanan and I played for a bit. He has a runny nose today, which is pretty gross. I hope it doesn't affect his sleeping. The Ireland's came back minus Esther, but with blueberries that they picked today. Keanan went to bed and then we all had icecream with blueberries and got to visit for a good while.

A pretty nice Saturday. I am ready to sleep!

Zac tells me there are about 100 or so people that check this blog everyday. If you are reading this, you are one of them! Thank you for your interest in our lives. I pray that God uses this to encourage you and brighten your day. I know it has been helping me! =)

Friday, August 14, 2009


Today was super busy. Keanan woke up at 6am! Not cool. So I let him sit up there and talk and play until 7:30. After his nap we left for a visit at Zac's work, Engineered Software, in Lacey.

On the way we stopped at the crash site. There wasn't really a lot to see. The telephone pole was dented and scrapped up a bit. Zac got out and took pictures. He said there was a bloody towel in the ditch, must have been from him. He was pretty somber when he got back in the car.

We showed up at his work to the surprise of some. Everyone was happy to see him and asking when he was going to come back. He thinks he will try to do some half days next week. We will see.

Then we went out to lunch, which Keanan did super well at considering mom did not pack him a sippy cup for milk or a bib. After that it was on to Graham. My grandparents from Arkansas are up and my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, is down from Bellingham. Keanan had a good nap and then got to play with Lucy, his favorite thing in the world.

We all had a good dinner, except for Keanan. Lately he has not been eating anything at dinner time. I don't know how he makes it till morning. Tonight he lived off of brownies, courtesy of Auntie Elizabeth who had strict instructions from Uncle Mathew in Iraq to spoil the babies. Keanan and Lucy took a bath and then we headed for home.

I am tired! I am not used to driving so much. Zac is going to give it a shot this weekend. We'll see how it goes. I am pretty sure baby #2 has been kicking me tonight as well, pretty cool. Good night world.


Zac is having a lot of pain in his phantom leg (the one that is not there) today. It helps a little bit to rub the stump, to remind the brain that his leg is gone. He feels like his toes are being smashed in a cone. So weird.

Last Time!

Last night (or this morning really) was the last time that we have to wake up at 2 or 3 am to give Zac meds! Yay sweet sleep!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

He's back....

Keanan came home this morning with Grandma and Lucy. I really missed him! He has had a good day (he has his bad moments however).

Zac talked to the insurance company today just to check on everything. He thought that they would be covering 80% of all the costs after his $5000 or so deductible; turns out the deductible is only $1500 and there is an out of pocket limit for us of about $2500 and then they will cover 100% of the costs!!! Yay!!! This was super great news!

Zac also talked to a prosthetist in over the phone in Olympia today that sounds pretty promising. He told him about some fancy knee that Zac has been reading about all day. He seems pretty excited about it.

Christy from Zac's work brought us dinner tonight, as well as some movies =) Off to clean the kitchen.

APA Ladies Rock!

APA stands for "American Pregnancy Association". This is a website that I found when I was pregnant with Keanan. There is excellent information and articles about anything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy. Better than that though, are the forums. There are "rooms" on anything you want to know about pregnancy and motherhood. I frequent the June '08 Birth Month and the January Due Dates rooms the most. I also "lurk" in the Cloth Diapering and the Moms in General rooms. Since I have been in the June '08 room for 14 months now I have gotten to know some of the ladies in there. I posted a link to our blog when all this crazy stuff happened with Zac and they have been very encouraging. Well today the UPS man showed up with this from those lovely ladies:

It was so sweet!!! I had to take a quick pic before Zac ate it (they are cookies!):

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today was very nice. Zac and I woke up late, ate breakfast and relaxed. I got cleaned up and went in to town to run some errands. Casey was here working on the car in the meantime. When I got back we had lunch and then took a nap, so nice.

Chris, Greg, and Esther came over for a visit; bringing a gift card to Still Salon and Day Spa (my favorite place in the world)! It was a nice visit but short. We will catch up more later =)

My Grandma and Papa came with chicken dinner and other lovely things! Zac and I are going to enjoy some pie and ice cream in a minute! It was nice to visit with them. Grandma was so cute and brought her on dishes for us to use and then packed them all up to take home to wash so I wouldn't have to =)

After they left we got to Skype with Keanan and my mom. He is so cute on the video and was kissing us goodnight through the computer. I miss him =( but the day was nice and quiet. Mom is bringing him home tomorrow morning. Lucy will be with her as well so they can stay and play for awhile.

So about 8pm I had a surge of energy and cleaned the bathrooms, mopped the kitchen and dinning room, and vacuumed downstairs (well, the roomba vacuumed, but whatever). Yay, semi-clean house! Off to eat pie with Zac. (He had a good day, by the way. Pain is less all the time.)


After over a month, our friends Chris and Greg are FINALLY home!! It was so nice waking up to that news this morning. I am soooooo excited to see them hopefully today.

It was also weird waking up to a quiet house. We have never spent the night in our own house without Keanan since he was born. I am excited to see him, probably tonight.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy but good.

As we were pulling into the driveway tonight we realized we had been out of the house for over 12 hours today!

This morning we left and dropped Keanan off at my parents (thank you!!!) where he is spending the night. We then drove up to Harborview and Zac finally got an appointment on the way. We arrived just in time for the amputee support group. This was good, but not worth driving from Yelm for all on it's own. If we are up for an appointment or something we will go again. There were about 15 other amputees of varying natures. They were sharing their struggles and joys of the week. Interesting.

Zac's appointment was at 1pm, but they were running late. So we finally saw Dr. Smith at 2. Everything is looking great with the stump. Zac got the staples out (but not the stiches yet) and got to talk with two different prosthetist. This was very interesting, but both of them are centered in Seattle. We hope to find someone in Olympia to work with. Zac is scheduled to meet with Dr. Smith in 2 weeks to get all the stiches out and then in 2 more weeks to start the prosthetics process.

So we left Seattle at about 3:30, stopped for coffee and headed straight to our church small group. It was so good to be with our friends and the two new babies were there (1 month old and 1 week old). It is so quiet in our house tonight without Keanan, I miss him. But I also need to get some good sleep.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today was a little harder than the past few. I had a bunch of stuff and phone calls that I had to make today. Of course Keanan decided that today would be a good day to not take good naps and be whinny, clingy, and all around crabby. So I am running around trying to get stuff done with a 14 month old stuck to my leg crying and Zac is sitting on the couch watching Stargate season 9 on the netbook. I KNOW he physically can not help me, but it was still more than frustrating to look over and see him "relaxing" (even though I know he is still in pain.) After I finally got Keanan to bed we had a good talk about it. So Keanan is going to spend the night at grandma's tomorrow =) Praise the Lord for Grandma and Grandpa's house!

To add to my frustration; Zac is supposed to see the doctor at Harborview tomorrow. When they discharged him on Friday they said he was to come in on Tuesday and to call for the time. Of course they were not open on the weekend so when I call today all I get is this guys voicemail. So I left a message. He never called back!! There is an amputee support group meeting there tomorrow at 11am so we are going up for that and not leaving until he sees a doctor! Grrr.

On an up note: friends from our church small group brought over dinner and stayed to visit tonight. It was very nice, and very tasty! Keanan turned a corner after dinner and was really good, even for his bath. So again; Keanan is sleeping, the kitchen is clean, Zac is on the netbook...all is right in our little world. Off to pay bills...yuck!

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thes. 5:16-18


Keanan woke up at at 6:30!! Usually it is 8. I need a nap.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


My SPD pain was next to nothing today!! Thank you so much for the prayers. If you have never believed in the power of prayer, read through this blog starting on July 29th; you will!!


It was busy again today. We made it to church (even though we were late)!!! I think this wore Zac out, however, because he was tired for the rest of the day. Auntie Jess and Uncle Casey came over for a short visit ofter church. Then Auntie Ann, Uncle Brian and Lucy came over for a long visit. (These are Keanan's aunts and uncles, not ours)

Keanan REALLY loves to play with Lucy (they are 5 weeks apart) so it was good for him to be distracted. While the kids napped we even got to watch a movie. Ann and Brian brought dinner and cleaned up, which was super awesome. Yay for family!

I have been overwhelmed with the offers for help. Zac and I were talking and honestly, things seem pretty normal to me. Except for the fact that Zac can't give me a break from Keanan in the evening. Just kind of going on with life.

People from church and our awesome Mom's Club of Yelm are going to bring dinners for awhile. Friends from our church small group and fellow Young Life leaders have offered to clean the house. Casey is taking care of the car (belts or something need changed that Zac had already bought the parts for). Dustin is going to install a handle in the bathroom for Zac. Luke is going to spray all the stupid ants and bees. Other than that we can't think of anything else we need.

Actually, we still need lots of prayers! Especially in the evening when Keanan is the crabiest.

Thank you all for surrounding us with so much love. It is crazy to me how many people have been following on this blog. I really love your comments and emails, and I share them with Zac as well. God is good, all the time! And all the time, God is good!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A good Day

Sorry I haven't posted all day, it's been rather busy. However, today was about 100X better than yesterday.

We all got a decent amount of sleep. I was so glad to be back in my own bed! It was kind of a pain to have to set the alarm for the middle of the night to give Zac his meds, but we will deal. Keanan woke up about 6:30 (ugh) and I got up about 7 to give Zac more meds and get Keanan. Zac woke up about an hour later.

We had a nice calm morning, Zac was feeling pretty good and moving around well. When Keanan went down for a nap we changed the dressing on the stump. It looks like everything is healing up really well. I also got to take a shower, yay!

After Keanan woke up he and I went into town to pick up our mail and get gas. We had a ton of cards, thank you all for your well wishes. Auntie Linda, Zac laughed really hard at your card =)

We all had a good lunch and played in the family room until Keanan was ready for another nap. Then we wrapped a bag around Zac's stump and he took a shower and shaved. He feels much better. He even went 6 hours without taking any morphine. However, he thinks he is going through a little bit of morphine withdraws since he has had so much in the past 10 days.

I even got to take a nap at this time! I was sooo tired. My SPD (pubic bone split during delivery of Keanan and it causes lots of pain) had been acting up today. That is the last thing I need right now. Please pray that this will go away so that I can walk and stand without being in pain. My midwife warned that it might get worse throughout my pregnancy, I really hope this is not the case.

Things were a little rough when Keanan woke up from his nap. The evenings are his worst time. We all had dinner and sat outside while Keanan played for a bit. He had a couple breakdowns because I wouldn't let him play in the fridge (I am such a mean mom). At 8 I took him upstairs for his bath. Usually this is dad's job and he has been throwing a fit throughout the entire process the whole time that Zac has been in the hospital. He was so good tonight though! He only cried when I rinsed his hair.

So Keanan is asleep, the kitchen is clean, Zac is parousing the web and all is good. Please keep us in your prayers! That is the only way we are making it through. This was the verse from our wedding. It is more dear to me now:

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" 1 Corinthians 2:9

Friday, August 7, 2009


Zac would love to have visitors, but.....

PLEASE do not just show up. This makes things much harder for me. Our cell phones do not work at home and we can not check voicemail, so the best way to contact me is through email or this blog.

Again, we would love to see people; I just need to know when people are coming so we don't mess up Keanan's or Zac's naps more than we need to.

We are home

Oh wow, this is going to be hard. That is kind of the state of things at the moment.

Zac and I got home at about 4 and had a good, overdue, cry. It was good to lament and grieve a little bit. It's been a hard 10 days. About 30 min. later my parents came with Keanan. I had to run into town to pick up all of Zac's meds. and get milk and such, so my parents stayed to watch Keanan. It took a long time to get all the meds., 7 different things that I have to give him at different times of the day.

I got home and gave Zac some morphine while my mom had started dinner. My parents left and Keanan and I ate. Zac woke up in bad shape. I tried to get dinner for him, figure out which meds he needed and crush them up, all while Keanan was clinging to my leg, crying, wanting up. I almost lost it.

Somehow we got through that and now Keanan is sleeping, Zac is resting and I got the kitchen clean (this makes things sooo much better for me). We realized that we are going to need a lot of help, we are just not sure how people can help. Keanan will only go to / play with certain people and I don't want to make it harder on him than it needs to be, poor guy. I am also kind of a control freak (so is Zac) and like things done a certain way.

My personal goal right now is to survive till Tuesday. That is when Zac has a doctor's appointment back up at Harborview. We also hope to make it to church on Sunday, but we need to find a chair that kind of reclines and has a foot rest for Zac.

Please continue to pray for us, we still really need it.

riding 2hrs in a car with a freshly amputated leg - not easy to get comfy!

Zac is going home today!!! About 1pm =)

Zac is very, very bored and wants to come home. Pain is doing well, but he didn't sleep much. He took a long walk in the middle of the night though!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Much appreciated ( Zac )

Know that you are appreciated. I feel very loved that so many people have contacted us to talk and offer help. I also fee very loved that people would care enough just to follow along in this saga with us.

Over the next couple of days I will be making some flashback posts giving some more detail to the previous events, hopefully filling in some gaps that you are wondering about.

Zac just walked down the hall a ways with the walker. He is making good progress.

Zac's roomate

James just left to go back to prison in Shelton. Please keep him in your prayers. Zac was able to pray for him before he left, and he prayed for Zac.

Good day so far...

The stump is looking great, no infection. Zac is slowly losing all the tubes that are hooked up to him, he is down to two. He has broken out in hives from all the antibiotics, but they don't itch him or anything. He has so many medications to take which gets a little tricky since he can't take pills (mental block). We are trying to figure out what we will need at home. I am glad that everything is on the first floor except for Keanan's room.

We will have an appointment here at Harborview with Dr. Smith in about a week and a half. Then we will talk about recovery and a prosthetic. It sounds like he won't be fitted for a prosthetic for about 6 weeks so we can make sure that everything is healed up. So Zac will be on crutches until then.

Talked to Zac this morning...

He got to take a semi-real shower. They changed the dressing again and he talked to Dr. Smith more. Looks like he will be coming home Saturday now. More info when I get up there and talk to him in a few hours.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank you to our church family for sending up all the goodies. Thanks also to Russ for bringing it up and staying to pray and sit with us for a while

Zac is in tons of pain and they are having a hard time getting it under control. He is having a really hard time, please pray.

Pain is pretty bad, but he is in good spirits and excited to eat.

Surgery went well! They were able to keep most of the muscle and close everything up. If there is no infection we can go home the end of the week.

Just went into surgery, should be about 3 hours. Please pray that everything looks good so they can close it up and be done.

Please pray for Zac's mental state. These drugs are making him think he is understanding far out things. He can't stop thinking and rest.

Surgery is sometime today, more info. as I get it. Rough night with bad meds. Made him hallucinate, kinda freaky.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


So Zac and drugs are not mixing very well. The morphine was making him itch so they put him on Dilaudid. He only got two pumps of this before they took it away from him. Apparently it made him really high. He was sure the bed was on the ceiling and talking all crazy. The nurses put the rails up on his bed and made him lay in the middle until it wore off. Not sure what he is on now, but he is feeling okay - itchy again. Geez!

Dr. Smith

So I am at my parents house again tonight and will go back up to Harborview tomorrow. Zac is doing much better every minute. His blood count is getting back to normal, he is eating regular food and moving around more in bed. Please keep praying for his recovery and surgery on Monday. I will post the time as soon as we know. Hopefully this will be the last surgery as long as everything is looking good.

Zac wanted me to share with everyone the miracle of Dr. Smith. Here is a link to a CNN article about an amputee with two prosthetic arms. The jest of it is the doctors left the nerves intact when they did the operation and then later were able to hook sensors up to them. The man is able to move his prosthetic arms by thinking. This article came across Slashdot (what Zac refers to as the news, it is "news for nerds") a few months ago and I remember Zac telling me about it then because the tech. was so cool. Who would have ever thought something on Slashdot would turn up useful! =)

As soon as amputation was mentioned in this whole process Zac started talking about this article. Most of the doctors we talked to had no idea. Right before surgery Zac was able to talk to Dr. Smith. Turns out he is friends with the surgeon that worked on the above man and one of the leaders in this new field!!! Zac was so relieved, God is so good!!

The tech is not there yet for legs, but someday soon it will be. Dr. Smith saved as many on Zac's nerves as possible and bunched them up into the stump. On Monday, as long as everything looks good, he will lay them on healthy muscle so they can continue to live and then be used later. Here is an article about Dr. Smith from the Seattle Times and his work with wounded soldiers. He really is the best.




Zac wasn't sure about posting these pics. He didn't want to gross anyone out. So here is a link to them in an album called "Zac's Adventure". I say this is our reality and everyone is just going to have to deal; but he's the boss. =)

My annoying part of today (besides all the beeping machines) is rubbing Zac's sore butt!! Oh the things we do for love =)

Zac got a sponge bath and most of the annoying cords removed. He is eating lunch and feeling much better.

Zac and I were just laughing about the fact that through all of this he has STILL never broken a bone! Crazy! Moving out of ICU today.

Just want to record people to thank: Dr.'s Smith & Tran, ICU nurses Sarah, Annie, & MaryPat; nurse John at St. Pete's

We slept off and on. Doctors came in at 6:30 to redress the stump. It looks really good. Will post pics tonight.