Friday, July 31, 2009

The pain is back. Trying to control it with the drugs. Hopefully we both get some sleep here tonight.

Zac is in good spirits and minimal pain. He is up for visitors between 8am-8pm. Email, call, or blog post me for room info.

Longer Update

So when I use my phone to post, I can only put text in the title, annoying.
Zac should be coming back to his room anytime. We still haven't talked to him yet. I am doing well. Still have a great sense of peace and strength that can only come from the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers.
We will be at Harborview for at least a week, maybe two. Thank you for all the emails and requests to help. I can't really think of anything we need at this time, but when we get home that may change. I will keep you posted.

Dr. Smith (who is the leading doctor on amputations and recovery in the NW). Said that Zac should be feeling better tomorrow. He (and everyone close to him) will be going through three stages: strength, anger, and grief. It is similar to feelings we have when a loved one dies, because that really is what happened, his leg died. It is totally normal, and good, to experience all this things. Knowing Zac, he will be in the strength stage a lot. But please be aware of the others. I have had my share of the grief stage as well. I don't really know who to be angry at though.
There will be another surgery on Monday to clean the leg and close it up. Right now it is all open on the end. They have to see if the muscle they left from his calf will survive so they can use it to pad the bottom of the femur. If not, they will need to cut off some of the femur to have muscle to wrap around the bone.

The prayer now is that there will be no infection or decay of anymore muscle. Also for Zac's blood count to get back to normal. Please pray that I can figure out a good balance between being here for Zac and being with Keanan.
As any new info comes, I will let everyone know. I will ask Zac if he is up to visitors as well. We should be out of the ICU in a few days, so that will be easier.
Here are some pics I took right before the surgery:

In recovery now. Blood is very thin, not clotting well. Recieved transfusion and drugs. Should be awake in 2 hours.

he lost the leg. please pray for recovery. it's for the best, still very hard.

FYI can't listen to voicemail for abot 5 hours, email is best.

We are in the waiting room now, it is 8am. His doctors are dr. Tran and dr. Smith. Please pray. He will be in surgery for a couple hours.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


For any that haven't heard, Zac wrecked his motorcycle last night about 6:45pm on Vail Loop Road. He was able to call 911 and then took him to St. Peter's in Olympia. By the time I got there, about 8:30, they were prepping him to be airlifted to Harborview in Seattle. He flew off the bike and hit his right leg on a telephone pole. This bent his knee all the way to the side, dislocating the knee cap, cutting a huge gash and severing the main artery. They were worried that he was not getting enought blood to his leg. He was in a ton of pain and covered in scratches as well.

By the time I got up to Harborview they were doing more x-rays, CT Scans, MRI's... trying to figure out what to do. Finally at 3am they got him into surgery. He was in for 6 hours. The surgeon came out and said the flesh and tendons below the leg had been without blood for too long. They did a bypass to repair the artery so blood was flowing again, but it is a waiting game to see if the muscle would take and repair itself. THey also put in screws and bars to stabalize the knee.

So now we wait for 7:30am tomorrow. They will open it up again and see if the muscle is repairing. If it is, they will check again in another 24 hours. If it's not, they will amputate the leg right below the knee.

Zac's sister and brother-in-law were with me there all night (my parent's had Keanan) and his parents came in the morning. I am surprisingly calm and full of peace, so is Zac. We know this is from all the prayers. PLEASE pray for his leg to heal. I will update tomorrow as I am able.

I am sleeping at my parents house tongith so I can be with Keanan and actually sleep, then I will be back with Zac at 6am. PRAY! Thank you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm back on the wagon!!

After about 3 months of not being able to do pilates, I am back to it!

After Keanan was born I developed a condition called SPD (symphis pubis dysfunction). During delivery the cartilage that holds my pubic bone together actually split. I couldn't go up stairs or walk "right" for about 2 months. It is VERY painful! I had to wear this dumb belt thing.

Well, with all the hormones that come from being pregnant (relaxin) the symptoms of the SPD were coming back. I was in great amounts of pain after two days of doing pilates at the beginning of this pregnancy. It was hard to walk again and I had to wear the stupid belt. So I took it easy for a few months. My midwife said she has even known some women who have to use crutches or a walker by the end of their pregnancies because of SPD (yikes)!!

I have been feeling like a giant blob, so Sunday I busted out my Pilates During Pregnancy DVD and did the 15 min. abdominal and breath work section. There are a few moves that I can not do (like hip circles and things that move my legs too far apart) but other than that it felt great! I have done it every day since, and gone for walks in the evening with Zac and Keanan. Granted it is only 15 min., but it's something!!

I ordered another DVD, 10 minute solutions Pilates for Pregnancy, and am excited to give that a try when it comes. I hope I can keep it up! Please pray for my SPD, especially when it comes time for this one to be born. That will be interesting...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Air Conditioning!

I never thought I would love it so much! It is freaking 100 here today and is supposed to get hotter by Wednesday! We are living in the house! Come one, come all to the Vawter Igloo to beat the heat. Seriously, email if you want to come over. Even on Wednesday when we are gone, friends are welcome to come chill, really!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

He loves his dad.

Here is the picture I got on my phone while I was sitting at the airport:


I had the privilege of going to the airport today to pick up the teen moms, babies, and leaders from camp. They had an amazing time! Last night all of the girls either committed or re-committed their lives to Jesus!! Thank you for your prayers. Please keep them in your prayers as they walk down this road with their leaders.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Appointment

Today was my first real appointment with the midwife. All was well and I got to hear the heartbeat again at a healthy 160 bpm! Now we wait for another 4 weeks. It is going so fast! I can't believe I am pretty much through the first trimester already.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At Camp

Right now there is a group of teen moms and their babies and Young Life camp in CA. Please pray for them this week and the leaders. Pray for open hearts to the gospel message and changed lives. Please also pray for safe travels home on Saturday.

Leaders: Gretchen, Anita

Girls: Samantha, Mary, Carina, Ashley

Babies: Anthony, Dilenna, Jamie, Kaydence, Gabriel, Jayden

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life without dad...

is no fun!!! Keanan has decided that it is a great time to start throwing major tantrums now that dad is gone for the week. Oh my gosh this kid is killing me! We had small group at our house tonight and so I had a babysitter come. Keanan screamed upstairs until I came and put him down for a little nap. After he woke up he was attached to my leg the entire time! Priase the Lord for Grandma's house! We are going tomorrow until Friday night. I need a break!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

So I am wasting time not cleaning the house...

Today we are hanging out at home before Zac leaves for Young Life Camp tomorrow. It will be a week long adventure for Keanan and I with no dad around. Not really looking forward to that part.

Tonight we are going to a potluck at friends house and then out to Cascades Camp for a parade, horse show, and least that is the plan. We will see how long Keanan makes it. Zac's new camera came this week so he is excited to play with it tonight.

Please keep Zac in your prayers this next week as he is at Wildhorse Canyon rooming with 15 high school guys.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So this morning was my first appointment at our new midwives office. This one was just with the nurse for history stuff and lab tests. I really liked it and am excited to meet the midwives in two weeks. In a surprise move the super nice nurse let us listen to the heartbeat! It sounded great!! So there really is a baby in there; hearing it makes it more real to me. =)