Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Well, another Ash Wednesday has come and gone. I am a little sad that our church doesn't really talk about this or Lent very much. I guess that is a little bit of my time at SMC (now SMU) rubbing off. In case you didn't know: Ash Wednesday is a day of repentance marking the beginning or Lent. In the Bible ashes are used to express mourning, and on this day many receive a cross on their foreheads out of ashes. It is a powerful reminder of our sin and what Jesus did for us. Psalm 51 is usually read on this day.

Lent is a forty-day-long time of fasting(not necessarily from food) and prayer to prepare for Easter. It is actually 46 days but Sundays are not counted, kind of mini-Easter breaks from Lent. The amount of time (40) represents the time Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by Satan.

I really wanted to do something for Ash Wednesday this year, but by the time I realized it was Ash Wednesday it was much to late. I guess that is what happens when we aren't hanging around catholics and monks anymore! I miss college sometimes...

Anyhoo...I pray that the Lord speaks to you during this "holy season."

Friday, February 20, 2009

No cheese this week

I am a little bummed. I was totally looking forward to making some feta this week, so I had goat's milk on my list for the store. Turns out the only goat's milk they have a Safeway is ulta-pasteurized. This super heating method kills a lot of the "good stuff" needed in making cheese. So... no feta for me. I am now waiting for Zac to make me a press so I can start on the hard cheeses. This could take awhile...

Whew! Keanan week in review

What a week it's been! I don't even really know what I accomplished this week, but I am certainly glad it is Friday.

I have now accepted the fact that we are only part time EC'ing with Keanan. I swear he is the most active kid in the world during diaper changes. This makes it just a little difficult to take his diaper off every 30-45 minutes to go sit on the potty. We were both getting fed up. So, I am still on the lookout for pooping cues, and we are still at 90% successful with that. I also take him to sit on the potty in between diaper changes, since he already has it off. Maybe we'll go back to the full time gig after he calms down, if that ever happens!

Keanan has picked up the funniest face this week! I don't know where he got it!

We have also moved into "baby-led weaning." This is simply giving Keanan all the same foods that we eat in hand-held size chunks. He then feeds himself what he wants. Obvousily we are not giving him things with honey, peanut butter, shellfish, or tons of sugar; but pretty much anything else goes! I think this is going to help Zac and I eat better as well - I am forced to make veggies for dinner! I was a little worried that he would choke himself, but I have learned there is a big difference between gagging (which he does often when he stuffs too much in) and actual chokeing. It is actually pretty rare for a baby to choke themselves when feeding themselves.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday we did the Mainline Trail up at Elbe Hills ORV Park. It was Keanan's first time jeeping, and the first time Zac and I had been up in over a year. I have missed it so much!! Zac was a little nervous about us going up by ourselves. It is very easy to get stuck or break something on these trails. He did great, nothing broken and we didn't get stuck! There was snow up there which made the trail interesting. Lots of mud, rocks, water, and trees - everything I love about the trails around here. We were in pretty deep water at one point, only about 3 inches from the door! Keanan loved it all! We are thinking of going to Jeep Safrai in Moab, Utah for our vacation this year. I really want to. We also need to get in touch with a Jeep club around here and find some more trails. It was an awesome Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanna be a cowboy, baby!

Keanan LOVES his rocking cow. If he is crabby, we can put him on there and, tada!

We also discovered tonight that Keanan LOVES..... himself! Silly boy!

Ignore the upside down BabyLegs, daddy got him dressed after his nap. I am just happy that he was willing to do it at all!

Lemon Cheese round 2

So this time around I used a whole gallon of milk instead of 1/2. I think this helped my thermometer get deeper in the milk and be more accurate. The cheese turned out with a stronger lemon flavor. I only hung it to drain for 30 min so that it would be more spreadable. It is better than last time, not as dry. But I think I can get it even better next time. I need to order some supplies and then try one other type of soft cheese, and maybe feta (from goat cheese) before I move on the the hard cheese. All the cheese (all 2 kinds) so far has been direct heat cooking (set the pot right on the stove), but all the other kinds are cooked via water bath (pot in the sink heated by hot water). We will need to turn up our water heater for this, I think. I am a little nervous how those will go. We will see which one I decide to do next week. Meanwhile, I have lots of lemon cheese in my fridge and no crackers! Grrr...

Monday, February 9, 2009

This is what I found...

when I came out of the bathroom!
Here is a closer look:He did that all on his own! What a crazy kid! I love that he makes me laugh so much. I feel so blessed that I have such a happy baby (most of the time.) We had to run lots of errands today; signing loan papers for the refi. on the house and going to the store and post office. This majorly disrupted his routine and nap schedule, but he was happy the whole time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Next Hill Syndrome

It is pretty clear that Keanan has inherited this from his dad. He is a little explorer, always peeking around corners, putting his finger in holes. It seems like he is thinking, "where does this go?" Hence, the name of the "syndrome" (I wonder what's over the next hill!) It is super cute. Zac told him tonight that he is excited to go exploring with him. It makes me want to go jeeping! I am ready for spring!

Grrrr Pee!

Okay so elimination communication (infant potty training) is awesome, but hard work at times! It has not been a good morning. I was not paying attention and Keanan pooped in his diaper. So then he only had about 45 minutes until nap time so I put him in his little undies (not a diaper). I sat him on the potty but he didn't want to go, so I set our potty timer for 15 minutes and put him in his exersaucer. About 10 minutes later he starts fussing. Zac picks him up and he is soaked in pee! Grrrr. I take him upstairs to change him and the potty timer goes off, nice! Good thing most all baby stuff is washable, I took the exersaucer seat apart and put it in the wash. It's gonna be one of those days! (Plus he woke up at 7! He never gets up that early!) Here's Keanan in his undies (old pic.)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Go Google!!

Can I just tell you how much I love Google! Pretty much my entire life is run by Google. All my fav. pictures are on Picasa, this blog on Blogger, my calendar, my email, my PHONE! All run/owned by Google! And they all work together so well!! Seriously, if you are looking for a new phone, check out the G1, it is AMAZING! I think Google will soon run the planet.

Ready, set, go!

Well, here I go. Into the world of blogging. We will see if I can keep this up with everything else going on. I hope to share my world(which is mostly full of Keanan) and my new hobby of cheese making. Here are how things stand at the moment:

Keanan - 8 months old! I don't know where the time has gone! He is getting so big and looking more like a little man than a baby every day. It makes me a little sad. Tonight he ate most all of his dinner by feeding himself! He had asparagus, red bell pepper, cheese, noodles, and water (I fed him some chicken and squash). Such a big boy! He wears me out, but I wouldn't change being home with him for the world. More about our cloth diapering/potty training adventures later.

Cheese - I've done two batches of soft cheese so far. I started with the queso blanco. It was pretty bland and dry, but easy to make (just add vinegar!). I also made ricotta from the whey. It was pretty good, I added cheese salt, and some rosemary. The second cheese was lemon cheese. Also pretty easy (just add lemon juice), but I think I got it too hot because there was only 1/2 gallon of milk and I don't think my thermometer was in far enough to be accurate. This was also pretty bland and dry. Next time I am going to try a full gallon and not to hang it so long. We will see.

Other life - As I start moving on from my ministry with YoungLives, I feel God leading me somewhere new. I just don't know where that is and what He wants me to do yet. It is kind of exciting. Right now I am just going to P.U.S.H. (pray until something happens), we will see... I am still (after 8 months) trying to balance being a mom and a wife. Some days are better than others. I am thankful that Zac is patient with me! He is very sore at the moment after a day of skiing (and some great crashes!). I am a little jealous of his day of fun, but so it goes...